Vincent Green Environmental Foundation

February 2, 2021


Vincent Green Environmental Foundation is a philanthropic organization. The foundation has an acronym of VGEF being Vincent Green Environmental Foundation and registered under the registrar of societies of Zambian laws Act cap 119. The foundation is established to empower rural and urban communities who largely depend on forestry and agricultural enterprises to improve their livelihood through sustainable use of the environmental natural resources by empowering skills and technology transfer. We firmly advocate reduction of harmful greenhouse gases causing global warming that in return is affecting our climates.


The Organization is formed in the background of eradicating poverty in local    communities as they utilize sustainably the Environment and Natural Resources through capacity building, institution arrangement, policy and legal regulatory reforms. The Foundation believes that high poverty levels in local communities and compounds are as a result of being marginalized from decision making, participating and benefiting from their own environment and natural resources especially among the youths. This has resulted into loss of biodiversity in the ecosystem balance due to lack of ownership and benefit sharing. It is from this perspective that the Organization is formed to partner with other stakeholders to empower local communities with initiatives that will eradicate poverty, gender equity, and green jobs opportunities for young generation and environmental protection while HIV/AIDS and climate change being addressed as cross-cutting challenges.

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