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February 21, 2021

Greenway Biomass Cookstoves

Kelundu Community Forest Management Group benefited to donated greenway biomass cookstoves. The group is currently managing a quite sizeable Community Forest with several hectarage  of land and the source of the Zambezi river. The Governement of the Republic of Zambia through Forest Act 2015 allows the Communities to choose the forest with more surface forest natural resources and adjacent to them to have secured rights to manage and sustainably harvest them to address their daily needs. In 2015 the Governments of Republic Zambia and Finland enhanced Decentralized Forest and other Natural Resources Project to address the gaps of governance, human rights and gender equity in addressing discriminatory of utilizing the environment and natural resources. The two provinces were selected to pilot the project so that the lesson learnt can be used to scale up the Forest Act 2015 to other parts of the Country to address deforestation and forest degradation. The two provinces were Muchinga and North Western of Zambia. Muchinga province to address issues of rapid deforestation currently taking place through charcoal and timber while North Western Province to address issues of forest degradation due to activities of mining, charcoal and massive clearing of forests due to agricultural practices.

Kelundu is one of the community that was selected to establish management of Community Forest through a Community Forest Management group. Out of many that were established, Kelundu is the only Commnity that is managing a successful Community Forest with a story to tell. This is a reason why Vincent Green Environment Foundation has partnered with Kelundu Community Forest Management Group to save the source of the Zambezi River. With other partners like 1 Africa and Greenway appliances an Indian company to distribute a quite number of cookstoves to test the future of carbon sequestration project that will respect human rights and governance systems.



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