SSF Africa – Call for organizations in need of a website.

March 1, 2021

SSF Africa are on the look-out for three organizations who want to participate in the digitalization of Africa. The organization will recieve free website development from a profressional team with several years of development experience. The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness online, and bridge African organizations towards the rest of the world technologically.

To be eligable for participation: 

  • The organization must have or aquire a domain (name) themself, which must include WordPress.
  • The organization must provide the developers with content (e.g., text and pictures)
  • The organization must be willing to be featured on SSF Africa`s website.

Application process:

  • The organization must send a short summary including; why they particulary need a website and how it will impact the organization.
  • The organization must also include a short summary about the organization.
  • Due date is 1st of April 2021.
  • To apply, please contact us through the contact form on the website, and we will provide you with further details.
  • The choosen organizations will then be contacted for development starting in June 2021.


Looking forward to hear from you,
– The SSF Team

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