Planting guide for Zambia – All Agro -Ecological zones

March 26, 2021

All agro-ecological zones
Region I Low rainfall area with less than 400-800 mm per year; covers the country’s major valleys, which are ..
Region III Occupies about 41% of the country. Mean annual rainfall of 1000-1500 mm, growing season of 120-150 d..
Region IIa Mean annual rainfall of 800-1000 mm, a growing season of 100-140 days and a relatively high amount o..
Region IIb Poor soils on the Kalahari sands and the Zambezi floodplain. Mean annual rainfall of 800-1000 mm, g..


Zambia all crops and zones

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BRIEF The Namfumu Conservation Trust (2015) is a community-based organization that is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources in Zambia, with a particular focus on the promotion of sustainable forestry practices. The organization has made significant...