Carbon Trade Project

March 17, 2022

Climate change is primarily being cause by human anthropological  activities on balanced biodiversity and over exploitation of landscape causing carbon emission in form of green house gases (GHGs). It is therefore imperative that measures are put in place a simpler way to avert effects of global warming. The most common agent of curbing emission or emitting the gases is the forest. Forests play a major role in sequestrating carbon from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. Zambian Forests are under threat and doubled almost its rate of deforestation from the known 270,000 per hectare annually. If there will be no immediately intervention as quickly as possible, we expect the drop in rainfall activities and extreme temperature by 2030. Zambian Government under Forest act has created a favourable environment of bringing on board communities who are closer to the forest where they feel they can preserve. Zambia in the past according to United Nations report (2008) was losing about 280 000 hectare of forest annually due to agriculture, energy and timber harvesting.

North Western Province of Zambia is not spared especially with the coming of Mines and the paradigm shift of urbanization has made the forests to be under pressure. In 2015 the Government acted Forest Act 2015 which will enhance the communities adjacent to forests to actively acquire the rights to use, manage and use the forests services. There is a need to actualize more Community Forests to enhance sustainable Forest management. The forest play a major role of supporting livelihood. If these forests are developed with additional value like carbon value to enhance monetary value along side protection, So far the common products that forests in North Western province are providing beekeeping activities and biomass energy source, timber and biodiversity to flora and fauna.




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