Here are four videos – Regenarative Agriculture @ Marty Kraft

March 26, 2021

This is a mini curriculum for people to understand how the soil can help with climate change. Reactions welcome. Thanks, Marty
After 40 some years of environmental education, trying to get people to treat Earth better, i am encountering ideas that will help Earth heal itself. I don’t mean after we humans have become extinct. I mean in our lifetimes, within years. The changes we can make will make us money and heal many diseases with nutrient dense food. The changes come in how we treat the soil, in our yards, our gardens and in our farm and ranch land. Understanding these ideas are important because your food choices and your votes will help support these changes.

Here are four videos that i have been digesting. There are other people who are embracing “regenerative agriculture” too so there is much more information to find. Please watch and help make our culture regenerative too.

1. David Johnson, Johnson-Su Compost
A simple method of making compost that can shift the microbial balance of the soil to become more productive. We can grow more nutritious food and slow climate change.

2. Walter Jehne, Soil Sponge and Climate
Helps you understand how the spongy soil that the Johnson-Su compost method demonstrates can shift the water cycle to profoundly slow climate change.

3. Christine Jones, Quorum Sensing in the Soil Microbiome
Discusses how the incredible, vast microbial workforce works with plant roots to put and keep carbon in the soil. The microbes in our gut and in the soil help us remain in good health directly from within our bodies and by giving us healthier food to feed ourselves.

4. Gabe Brown, How Regenerative Agriculture is a solution to global challenges –
A common sense farmer from North Dakota tells how he learned to work with nature to grow healthy food and make a very good living.

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