Ubuntu Learning Hub Trust

April 16, 2024

Ubuntu Learning Hub Trust

 Ubuntu Learning Centre 


Ubuntu Learning Centre. Chikancila Village, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province, Zambia

P.O. Box 310241, Chelston, Lusaka10101, Zambia


The purpose of the Trust is to promote sustainable living.

Founded: 2020 at Chikancila village, Chongwe, Zambia

Registered:  19th April 2023 with the Ministry of Lands. Lusaka, Zambia.


Communities where people live in harmony with nature and with each other


UBUNTU LEARNING CENTRE is “a space” for bridging the gaps that exist in life


  1. a) To empower beneficiaries with relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes
  2. b) To nurture a mindset that supports sustainable living
  3. c) To establish demonstrations of sustainable land use

Type of organization:  Trust

Core principles:

  • Inclusive engagement
  • Genuine participation,
  • practical focus
  • holistic approach
  • Role modelling, walking the talk, living the dream

Services offered

  • Look and learn visits
  • Volunteer placements
  • Student attachments
  • Outreach services
  • Sustainable/ communal living experiences
  • Partnerships
  • Gardener / farm assistant grooming
  • Trainings in
    • Agroecology
    • Rocket stove building
    • Earth building
    • Integrated farm design
    • Permaculture
    • Organic farming
    • Value addition
    • Food preparation & handling
    • Healthy eating & Nutrition

Ubuntu strategy

Ubuntu targets individuals who are looking for life changing experience in this much troubled world.

Some current and previous partnerships / collaborations:

  • Ubumi PGS
  • Zambia Alliance for Agroecology and Biodiversity
  • Namfumu Forest Products
  • PLAEP, Kitwe
  • Musika
  • Green Fox
  • Zhunga Farms
  • Radical farmer
  • Perma Outreach Malawi (herbal value addition)
  • Action for Natural Medicine (ANAMED)
  • Greens and Grains / Green gatherings
  • Loctaguna Organics
  • Women Federation for World Peace
  • Vincent Green Environmental Foundation
  • Mosi A Tunya Organics
  • KATC
  • United Church of Zambia
  • Various churches and Faith based organisations
  • Roland van Reenen (Syntropic Agroforestry trainer)
  • Carrie Cat {Earth building)
  • Gudza Ramuka Ecovillage
  • Nitin Nayee (Ubuntu ambassador)




Website: https://www.ssafrica.com/2024/02/17/ubuntu-learning-hub/

Facebook: Ubuntu learning hub

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