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February 1, 2022

                                                                                                                                                         “Eat Healthy Eat Organic”                                                                

About us

We are organic small-scale farmers based in Mukuni near Livingstone in Zambia. We grow food, keep animals and the Environment in a natural and chemical free manner. We keep animals in free range integrated with crops, vegetables, and forest production in a holistic and syntropic manner. ​We aim to produce healthy and nutritious food, support other organic small-scale farmers and the community.

Our story

We are married couple, Steven and Kamila Tembo, we have two daughters and live in Livingstone, Zambia. We developed a habit of growing our own healthy food when Steven was diagnosed with a chronic disease. It made us to re-think our lifestyle but realized we couldn’t get any organic vegetable and meat around. It led us to establish our home organic garden. Within our home garden we discovered the importance of livestock in farming. We were fortunate to acquire a piece of land in Mukuni village near Livingstone.

We established our farm at the beginning of 2020 with the aim to grow healthy food and have a sustainable life. We were hit hard with Covid as the pandemic started, Steven lost his job and we lost significant income. But our organic farm was able to save us lots of money because we didn’t have to spend money on food but also on farm inputs which is fertilizers and pesticides.

We have decided to dedicate our time and energy into growing food organically with the harmony of our Environment. We believe that we must change our lifestyle to be able to fight climate change. We would like to show people that we can live rich, developed, and smart at the same time to be careful to the nature. Organic farming has a huge advantage compared to conventional farming and that is zero or low-cost input. Organic farming supports the market growth at the same time higher income for the small-scale farmer.

Figure 1 Steven and Kamila Tembo.


What we do

We supply local restaurants with organic vegetable and meat. We can prepare and maintain a garden based on each’s restaurant needs. The garden will be pure organic and with higher taste and nutrition than vegetables from conventional farm.

We also do trainings, workshops and consultations in vegetable and livestock production. You can visit our farm to learn from us or we can come visit your farm and asses the environment and help you to establish organic agriculture productions which you desire. We also offer trainings and workshops for Ngos, cooperatives, schools, and others.


  • Individual farm visit: K100 per visit per person
  • Group farm visit: K80 per person
  • Consultations at your premises: K700 per day
  • Workshop at your premises: K400 per workshop
  • All is exclusive of logistics.

Figure 2 Pig and vegetable production, January 2022.

Community support

Maramba Old’s People Home – we made vegetable seedlings and we are planning to plant them together with the members of the Home. Vegetable garden will supply old people with nutritious food.

Kubuka Ngo– currently we are helping them to establish organic vegetable garden and training their girls in low-cost organic gardening.

Lilato Foundation – consultations and trainings on low-cost organic gardening.

Figure 3 Training of Kubuka Girls, January 2022.



Address: Sichyasa area, Mukuni village


Facebook: Mosi-Oa-Tunya Organics

Phone number:

Steven Tembo 0971 773 487

Kamila Tembo 0972 595 061












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